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Last Word SC Radio: Weekend Recap, Sacramento MLS Expansion News, And Goodbye To A Host

May 16th, 2017

What's up Internet? This week on Last Word SC Radio, we've got a jam packed early week show to get you ready for mid-week MLS games!

First, Matt Pollard and Joe Hojnacki jump into the weekend results. We talk about the four ridiculous National TV games including the incredible win the Chicago Fire got in front of a sell out crowd. We talk about the LA Galaxy winning in the Easter Time Zone for the first time since man invented the wheel. We finish off waxing poetic about how good FC Dallas and NYCFC was. 

In segment two, we review the news from Sacramento. We talk about how this ownership move affects the Sacramento MLS Expansion bid and Sacramento Rebulic FC in the long run. We talk about a few other expansion updates and predic which cities we think will join MLS. Then we transition to a Quarter Season review, with some MLS awards. 

In the Round Table, Joe and Matt talk about how all the bad teams in MLS managed to win this weekend. We go through a full slate of Weekend Pick 'Ems (midweek games included). We finish off by saying goodbye to our co-host, Joe Hojnacki, who will be moving on from Last Word on Soccer this week. 


Last Word SC: 12 MLS Expansion Bids, #NoRepublicNoParty, And Phoenix Rising

February 3rd, 2017

What's up internet? This week was all crazy with MLS Expansion Bids all over the place. That's exactly what we're talking about this we're talking about on this episode of Last Word SC Radio. Matt Pollard is joined by Daniel Sperry to break everything down. Let's get to it.

First Evan Ream joins us to talk about the drama going down in Sacramento. Apparently there was a split between one side of the ownership group and the side directly running Sacramento Republic FC. Evan gives the accounts from both sides and weighs in on whether this is a miscommunication or an open war/negociation through the public. We talk about the fan reactions and #NoRepublicNoParty. Evan gives a few ideas as to how this cound play out. Still, outlook hazy. 

In segment two, or very own Roy Emanuel makes his podcasting debut. We talk about the Phoenix Rising rebrand and Arizona as a soccer market. Roy gives his take on the cities chances and the guys go back and forth on a very interesting soccer specific stadium situation. 

Then Josh Beeman joins us from Indomitable City Soccer to give another view point on the Sacramento situation. We talk about about the bid and the stadium situation. Josh talks about the moves Republic have made in the off-season and how they're shaping up for the 2017 USL season. Oh, and he predicts that the Tulsa Roughnecks are going to be worse than FC Montreal, and they don't even exist anymore. 

In the Round Table, Matt and Dan do a full breakdown of all 12 MLS Expansion bids. We talk about who the front runners are and what the stadium situation is. Dan does a full break down of the market size. The two discuss market saturation and potential rivals. Oh, and we briefly talk about the USMNT friendly.

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