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GT4ABL #89: From Delight to Despair for Arsenal, Neville’s First Week & LVG the Untouchable mad man

December 15th, 2015

Is LVG a mad man that can't be touched?

Is the Valencia an opportunity or a set to far for Gary Neville one week on?
Is Lionel Messi overrated or underrated?
Do tiny little Bournemouth deserved to a little bit more respect?!
All those questions answered and much more in another top notch episode of the best football podcast with the worst football jingles..... GREAT TOUCH FOR A BIG LAD!!!
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GT4ABL #88: Formation fads, footballing confessions, and a Leicester lovin

November 23rd, 2015

In this weeks podcast we discuss the latest footballing fad the ‘Liverpool Tottenham high pressing game’. Craig takes a trip to the confession booth and a stat from the Bundesliga that will BLOW YOUR MIND. All this plus our usual  array of features plus news on a dominos pizza emergency button. Football nonsense at its finest. 


GT4ABL #85: Footballs biggest mysteries, football or family, & how to be a morning person.

November 2nd, 2015

What has happened to Jose and the champions. Can anyone explain this footballing mystery? We take at look at some other unexplained events from the world of football, (Andy Carroll £35m!?). Plus would you miss your kid’s birth for a game football and just how do you make the perfect start to a day. All this and more from the UK’s favorite footballing podcast.


GT4ABL #84:Managerial do and dont’s, the ridiculous FIFA presidency candidate’s. And a special guest looking ahead to the Brentford QPR derby.

October 27th, 2015

Following his unsuccessful spell at Aston Villa we reflect on what when wrong for Tim Sherwood, we also look at some other managerial do and don’ts. Find out what position in world football the likes of ‘Naked’ ‘The Prince’ and ‘Sexwhale’ are applying for (yes they are real names). And finally we catch up with Clive Whittingham from the excellent QPR fan site ‘Loft for Words’ to discuss the upcoming West London derby, Brentford v QPR. Great Touch for a Big lad, touching on all things serious and silly in football. 


GT4ABL #83: How to live the fantasy (football) life and love-hate managerial relationships

October 20th, 2015
On this weeks footballing madness:
After G Nev and Giggs decided too let 30 squatters stay in their hotel for the winter, we reveal which footballing figures we would would like to take in if they became homeless.
Our very own Dominick Lewis is currently 6th in the world of Fantasy Football!! He reveals how it isn't the fantasy life you would expect!
And with Jurgen Klopp becoming the nations managerial darling, we talk about players we have loved, hated, hated loving and loved to hate.
All that plus one of the most difficult Craig's Question's in living memory.
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GT4ABL#82: Sacking special. Dick and Rodgers out, we get the fallout from some special guests

October 6th, 2015

Sacking special! You go 2 months without a sacking and then two come at once. We don't normally put Dick and Rodgers in the same sentence, but we have tonight. Tune in for the view from the fans. We speak to Gareth Roberts from the excellent Liverpool podcast ‘The Anfield Wrap’ to discuss Brendon’s departure. We also catch up with Paul Dobson from the award winning Sunderland fanzine ‘A Love Supreme’ to try and find out when the Sunderland managerial merry go round will end! All this as well as our usual features. A football podcast not taking the beautiful game too seriously.


GT4ABL #81: Guests From the BBC, Copa90 and Beesotted Give an Inside Look

September 29th, 2015

It was guests galore on this week's Great Touch For A Big Lad as we were joined on the phone by 'The Hit' presenter Mike Armagon, Copa 90's Eli Mengem, and Beesotted's Dave Lane.

First up Mike presenter of BBC Sports Rugby World Cup show 'The Hit' gave us his thoughts on Rugby, Football and Arsenal. Unless you're a Chelsea fan, what came after that is not to be missed as Mike took on the challenge of "The One Minute Rant!" 

Then, following the shock news that statistical Brentford departed with manager Marinus Dijkhuizen, we got the views of Dave Lane from the excellent Beesotted fanzine. Dave gave his insights and views on the state of affairs at Griffin Park, putting right a few rumours and easing Dom's relegation fears along the way. 

Finally, Eli Mengem joined us live on the phone. Eli, who has travelled the football world with Copa 90, took part in our brand new game "El YES or El NO!" Posed with all football's key questions and armed with his love of fan culture, his battery lasted JUST long enough to give his opinion on derby days, Aussie Rugby and Lee Cattermole. 

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GT4ABL #80: Footballing regrets, footballing cheats. Real fans real chat

September 21st, 2015

In the week that Costa brought up the cheating debate we look back on some famous footballing cheats throughout the years. Following David Cameron’s recent alleged pig shame we reflect on our footballing regrets. Plus, we are joined by our Spanish correspondent Miguel Davisse all the way from Guildford, Surrey. All that and of course our usual features of pet hates, offside and stats entertainment makes this poddy one not to be missed. Footballing nonsense at its finest.