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Euro 2016: Rooney should not be part of 23?

March 31st, 2016

Listen in as Eric and Arslan get into a heated debate regarding if Wayne Rooney should be a part of Roy Hodgson's 23-man squad heading to the Euros this summer.

Eric felt Rooney should be excluded from the team. What do you think? Tweet @TrebleRadio your thoughts!

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Treble Radio: Derby Day In Depth, Yedlin’s Rise, Previews, and Predictions

October 29th, 2015
This week on Treble Radio, our predictions from last week are put to the test. We start with the Manchester Derby.  Who could have (should have) scored the winning goal? Why was it such a snooze fest? What is going on with Wayne Rooney? Is he ever going to play like a king or is he going to spend time on the bench with a hoodie on?
West Ham crushed a Chelsea in chaos.  Is Jose Mourinho trying to get sacked? Everyone at Chelsea seems to have lost their mind, but we may have as well. 
Arsenal beat Everton in the rain and Ozil was so on point that it can't even be described. 
A player who's on point and can be described is DeAndre Yedlin.  His Sunderland played better in the derby on Sunday against Newcastle, but they're still in the bottom three. 
We set a high bar for our predictions next weekend.  We look to Chelsea v Liverpool, United v Palace, Tottenham v Aston Villa (because no Sherwood!), and finally, how many goals will Leicester score against West Brom?