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Last Word SC Radio: MLS Heineken Rivalry Week And New York Conneticut FC

August 25th, 2017

What's up Internet? This week on Last Word SC Radio, Matt and Dan sit down to talk about a bunch of topics in MLS. Let's get to it. 

We start off talking about MLS Heineken Rivalry Week. The guys talk about how they did a better job with the schedule this week than the one in the earlier part of the season. We then move on to New York City FC and their home game that got moved to freaking Conneticut. The guys talk about how this happened, why it sucks for NYCFC, and the big picture issue of MLS teams not owning/being the primary tenant of their stadium. 

The guys then move on to talking about the San Jose Earthquakes and being declared 'toast.' Dan gives his ideas on what's gone wrong in recent weeks and what needs to happen for the club to make the playoffs. Matt shares his opinions on how the Video Assisted Replay (VAR) process could be improved. The guys finish off with some rivlary themed Weekend Pick 'Ems.